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15mm, Single jet class B

An inferential, single jet, super dry, straight reading type, hermetically sealed water meter with magnetic drive.


Conforms to ISO 4064, Class B

Conforms to ISO 4064, Class B


Remote reading facility/pulse output available on request.

“PHULSONS ” range of immiscible pumps has been designed especially for filtering systems in the
machine tool industry. The low-pressure pumps are available in different flow variants and come with a
choice of bottom suction or suction from the top of the volute.
The compact coolant pumps efficiently transport liquid containing chips, fibers and abrasive particles on
to the filtering unit. Semi – open impellers allow the passing of chips up to 10 mm, making the pumps ideal
for removing liquid from any machining process- from boring and milling to grinding.

Accuracy 15mm
Starts Reoistration at 14
Lower limit of flow, Qmin l/h ±5% 30
Transitional flow, Qt l/h ±2°/o 120
Nominalflow, Qn l/h ±2°/o 1500
Maximumflow, Qmax l/h ±2°/o 3000
Test pressure MPa 2
Temperature suitabiltity oc 50°C
Dialregistration kl 99999
Smallest reading I 02
Description 15mm
Meter thread l"BSP
End connection threads 3/4"BSP
Length of meter with coupling 245
Length of meter without coupling L 108
Height H 75
Width B 81
Weight with coupling 0.506 kg